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This event just keeps getting better!
A big shout-out to Charee Edwards for coordinating the event, & to the Ojai Rotary Club!

As always the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Resort hosted Taste of Ojai -2014.
The Indian-Summer conditions were spectacular, as October often presents in our little Nest-
The music was great & the ever-smooth Alquimia Organic Tequila divine!
People danced, laughed, & enjoyed tasty items from; Surf Brewery, Bliss Frozen Yogurt, Suzanne’s Cuisine, Feast Bistro,
& of course the Jelly Gals were serving up Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam over Cheese Cake!
Mark your calenders for Taste of Ojai 2015- it’s well worth attending!


Green Cleaning Solution


prell - radiantly alive



prell beach babe









Marilyn always makes this great cleaning solution- That’s my mum ↑
I always keep some at the ready-
It smells so CLEAN & FRESH-
It’s great for washing windows, counters, sinks, walls, etc.
I wouldn’t use it on my hair though— I’d probably go from brown to blonde!
Not that there’s anything wrong with blonde!

1/2 gallon distilled water
8 oz. isopropyl alcohol

Mix together & use in a spray bottle.
This solution works very well with the mocrofiber cloths but I hate the way they feel-
I prefer a cotton towel or paper towel.



Local Artisans Market @William Sonoma

First Saturday
12 noon to 4 pm

Saunter into William Sonoma & Sample our Delightful + Delicious Epicurean Treats! 
Friendly staff + talented Artisans throughout – Did I mention scrumptious treats?


  • have you tried our new Jam?
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  • OJAI JALAPENO JELLY – heat level 3



  • OJAI HABANERO JELLYheat level 4

Rainbow Pancakes


Summer Fancy Food Show – New York


Herbs de Humboldt











Recently the 60th annual Specialty Foods “Summer Fancy Food Show” took place in
New York City.
The Cypress Grove Chevre Group selected Ojai Jalapeño Jelly to pair with their classic
Herbs de Humboldt!

“The fresh taste of a hand-mixed blend of Herbs de Provence balance simply, yet perfectly.
All the herbal flavors you love dried at the peak of the season. Clever in name, classic in taste” 

Thank you Cypress Grovers!

Crab Cake Dipping Sauce

Ojai Jelly
Crab Cake Sauce

3/4 c. safflower mayonnaise (or your favorite)

1/4 c. buttermilk (or plain yogurt)

3 T. Ojai Habanero Jelly (room temperature)

3 T. fresh dill leaves- chopped fine

1 T. fresh parsley leaves- chopped

2 T. lemon zest

1/2 lemon- juiced

1 garlic clove- minced

Combine all ingredients in a bowl & stir well.
Keep refrigerated until just before serving.
Sauce will thicken as it chills-




Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam

Sweet yet Savory


Ripe California Apricots Blended with Habanero Peppers

Decadent on cheesecake or over ice cream-
Remarkable on bagels or waffles-
Jam-Packed with flavor-Big cheese pleaser!

Transformative on chicken-

A perfect addition to nearly everything…

Heal Level 2


American Heart Association “Beach Ball”


The American Heart & Stroke Association (Santa Barbara Chapter)

May 3, 2014

The American Heart Association presents “Heart Beach Ball,” an event to raise funds for research and initiatives preventing heart disease.  The American Heart Association is committed to helping our children live stronger, healthier lives with education, research and public policies that effect where they live, learn and play.
New information in the areas of congenital heart defects, heart transplants in children, cholesterol levels in teens and diabetes rates in children as well as adolescents
are just a few areas we are currently investigating.

For the second year we are continuing our fight against youth obesity, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, in Santa Barbara County.
The Healthy Futures Program seeks to empower students and their families to make healthier lifestyle choices by providing them with an understanding
of heart disease, nutrition education and encouraging them to be more physically active.

Dr. Joseph Aragon & the AHA team outdid themselves again!
Fun was had by all that attended-
Inspiring stories of life changing events were shared by special guests-

AHA Beach Ball


Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam

Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam will be on shelves later this month!



Delicious on Cheesecake!













→Great on toast, bagels, waffles

→Tasty in your PB&J

→Serve as a “SATAY” dipping sauce on chicken;
Mix 1/2 peanut butter & 1/2 Jam

→Perk up your cheese plate!

I’ll post suggestions, recipes & where to purchase-
It’s always available online, but lets get it in your area!



Move Over Mint Jelly!







Meyer Lemon









Ojai Jalapeno Jelly







Meat ♥’r I’m not, but my dear, sweet friend Virginia keeps saying “move over mint jelly
when she thinks of serving her favorite Jelly with Lamb-
Ojai Jalapeño Jelly that is!

Make lamb the way you ♥ it & try this recipe for your eyebrow-raising sauce!
It’s sure to stir conversation-

Move Over Mint Jelly Sauce

One 11-ounce jar of Ojai Jalapeño Jelly
15-20 fresh mint leaves
1 lemon- zested
about 1/4 c. fresh lemon juice

Whisk all ingredients in Cuisinart or blender. Scrape down sides, then pulse a few times.
Pour mixture into individual ramekins. Serve at room temperature.

Garnish each dinner plate with a sprig of rosemary & mint leaf.

If you have any left over, refrigerate. It will last about 3 days.
This sauce is quite tasty on Indian food too- Fresh & delicious!

Excellent served with Zaca Mesa Winery 2011 Chapel G Syrah




29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Isabella’s Gourmet Foods” Representing;
Ojai Jelly
Crazy Good Bread
Recipes Bakery
Santa Barbara Popcorn
Pacific Paleo
Cape Cod Chips
Queen of Popcorn
Mizuba Matcha

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