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Suze McClellan
Santa Barbara+Ojai+Baja CA

I love to cook + pair unique flavors & foods & stir conversation.
I prefer a quaint dinner-party to a night on the town. I have fun experimenting with savory + sweet flavors.
I’m always up for learning new combinations of foods + cocktails, & I love a good challenge.
My favorite customers are the ones that think they don’t like spicy food at all–
They try it, they buy it!
Step outside your comfort zone + try new fusions & flavors with me.

Another interest I have is to help bring awareness to Women’s Health issues.
A few years back I was recovering from a series of unfortunate events. Really too much to tell, but if you’re curious
check out the links over there             →→→

During my recovery I stood & cooked & watched  a lot of cooking shows, & the news.
One morning GOOD MORNING AMERICA announced they were searching for
“THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE NATION”, so I entered my favorite
Smoked Turkey Sandwich” & it was FEATURED!
Add Ojai Jelly to your sandwich & see what you think!

My friends & family encouraged me to start my own business & I needed a job-
I experimented A LOT with Peppers & recipes until I captured & bottled what many refer to as the perfect combination of flavors.
I designed labels & started this website. I’ve been looking for specialty markets, gift shops & wineries to sell my products in ever since.

I want to spread Ojai Jelly + Jam across the USA!

You’ll find Ojai Jelly in 7 states-
Ojai Jelly + Jam make nearly everything taste better!
Find serving suggestions here.

Where Heat Meets Sweet!

Ojai Jalapeño Jelly sweetest
Ojai Habanero Jelly – spiciest
Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam – spicy + sweet

You simply must try it!

Suggest a specialty food shop in your area!
Drop me a line @
& tell me WHERE you’d like to find Ojai Jelly.
IF I get the account I’ll send you a jar!
Don’t forget to send me your CONTACT INFORMATION.


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