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Plum-Apricot-Habanero Fruit Leather

Ojai Jelly Fruit Leather
photo 2

If you have a food “dehydrator” set it to 150• or set your oven to 150•
The lowest my oven sets to is 170• & it worked out just fine
Use “convection” setting if you have it-

Time to prepare; about 20 minutes
Time to cook; about 3 hours

What you’ll need:
Silpat (nonstick silicone mat), or in a pinch parchment paper works too!
Rimmed baking sheet; 11×17 (+/-)
Wax paper
Plastic bags
Kitchen shears

Ripe Plums- you’ll need 2 c. (I started with about 2 lbs.) Pit + remove any questionable bits, I kept skins on
Apricots- a handful of dried apricots (I prefer Mariani Mediterranean Apricots)
1 T. cooking oil (I used Canola- olive oil is not suggested for this recipe)
1 heaping T. Ojai Habanero Jelly
1/4 t. xanthan gum (a little hard to find- check your local heath food store or order online here)

Lay the Silpat on your rimmed baking sheet

All but the xanthan gum in blender. Blend for about 1 minute.
With blender still on, remove peelightly sprinkle in xanthan gum through the fill cap, to assure even distribution.
Working quickly, pour the puree over the Silpat & with an offset spatula, spread to about 1/16″ thick (this was the hardest part).
If your puree sits too long in the blender & gets too thick, blend it again & then spread it out as even & as thin as you can, but not less than 1/16″.
Bake for 2 1/2 – 3 hours
For the last 30-45 minutes I put the mat directly on the oven racks.
Check occasionally to see if it’s tacky to the touch- you don’t want it gooey

Once it’s cooked, remove from oven, & place on a cooling rack.
When it’s completely cooled, peel off mat & lay it on a large piece of wax paper.
Cover it with another piece of wax paper & roll it up like a cigar.
Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator over night.
With kitchen shears, cut into portions the next morning & put in snack-size plastic bags.

It will last a few weeks if refrigerated.

p.s. if you like my recipes, have a specific recipe request, or a question please let me know!
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