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A taste of Ojai collection box

Ojai Valley Inn

Savor a taste of Ojai at home or give the gift of the valley’s local flavors with the Taste of Ojai Collection box. Includes A Taste of Ojai by Chef Robin Goldstein, The Farmhouse branded G.K.P. apron, OJAI wine tote, Ojai Valley Inn branded Corkcicle travel mug, and a Bumble Bee Seed Pop, as well as locally produced honey, olive oil from Ojai Organics, and Ojai Habanero Jelly. This curated Taste of Ojai collection comes in a custom Ojai Valley Inn wood box that is made with FSC-certified materials. For every box purchased, the maker plants a tree through the non-profit Trees for the Future.

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Pascale’s Kitchen

Pascale Beale is a remarkable person & if you don’t know about her YOU SHOULD!
She is a 9X cookbook author, food photographer & stylist.
Born in England, spent her summers in France. Great cook, baker & friend-
Her books are full of great recipes & photos & make a perfect gift-
I bought them ALL!
Pascale sells Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam in her gift sets & singles online!

Check out her online shop HERE
Her fabulous cookbooks are HERE

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Bobs Well Bread at the Ballard Store

Additional location for Bobs Well Bread in Ballard, CA!!
Opens Thursday, October 1, 2020
The “Ballard Store” and “Ballard Store Restaurant” were at this location
many years ago-
If you’re heading up to sip wine on the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Trail be sure to follow the delicious aroma wafting from Bobs Well Bread at his new location-
If you haven’t tried his breads, pastries, meals… you haven’t lived! 
Ballard was founded in 1880. 
Ballard is the smallest and oldest community in the Santa Ynez Valley

PS You’ll also find Ojai Jelly here!

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Field + Fort

2580 Lillie Avenue Summerland, CA. (805) 770-7897                                          Great restaurant & shop!
“To-Go” orders & safe pick up during Covid.
You’ll find Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam on the menu, as well as for sale in the shop!      photo credit: Field + Fort













Ojai Jalapeno Jelly, Apricot Habanero Jam, and Habanero Jelly stacked on a table outdoors

photo credit: Amber Dolyak (805) 245-1274


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Crab Cake Dipping Sauce

Ojai Jelly
Crab Cake Sauce

3/4 c. safflower mayonnaise (or your favorite)

1/4 c. buttermilk (or plain yogurt)

3 T. Ojai Habanero Jelly (room temperature)

3 T. fresh dill leaves- chopped fine

1 T. fresh parsley leaves- chopped

2 T. lemon zest

1/2 lemon- juiced

1 garlic clove- minced

Combine all ingredients in a bowl & stir well.
Keep refrigerated until just before serving.
Sauce will thicken as it chills-




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Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam

Sweet yet Savory


Ripe California Apricots Blended with Habanero Peppers

Decadent on cheesecake or over ice cream-
Remarkable on bagels or waffles-
Jam-Packed with flavor-Big cheese pleaser!

Transformative on chicken-

A perfect addition to nearly everything…

Heal Level 2


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Year of the Horse Salad

Katie Upton Local Santa Barbara Artist

A special THANK YOU to local Santa Barbara artist; Katie Upton.
I ♥ her work!

Wine Pairing; Zaca Mesa Winery 2011 Viognier

Toss together;
2 c. organic beets, spiralized, then lightly steamed, or micro’d ‘al dente’
2 c. organic Granny Smith Apples, spiralized or sliced thin
1/2 c. organic kale, or a handful of fresh parsley- chopped
1/2 c. organic celery root, (anise root, or jicama are also delicious)- chopped

(heat & mix over low heat, do not boil)
1/2 c. olive oil
2-3 t. Ojai Jalapeño Jelly

Once it’s cooled, complete by adding;
1/2 c. “White Apple Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 c. White Stilton Mango & Ginger Cheese
squeeze of lemon (♥ Meyers)

At the last moment throw in
a handful of “NutC” Sweet n’ Spicy Walnuts– broken up, irregularly
Toss & serve-


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Vegan Sushi Roll


served with a Savory Peanut Sauce


10–12 Spring Roll Skins
1 small Red or Yellow Bell Pepper
7 Asparagus spears
1/3 of a Fennel Root
3 small Carrots
1 medium Haas Avocado. cubed
about 1 c. Wild (or brown) rice, cooked
1-3 T. Robbins Family Farm Lemon Balsamic
Squeeze of fresh lemon
I add a little lemon zest occasionally

Nasturtium Flowers
1-3 T. Black sesame seeds
fresh rosemary


Gently wash & air dry;
Nasturtium flowers (separate petals) for color & a little spice to the roll. Set aside.

It’s only fair to WARN you that it would be best if you practice with the rice wraps a few times. They’re a bit temperamental, but worth the trouble. ONLY rinse ONE AT A TIME- & DO NOT lay them together. I’m convinced that laying them together inadvertently created the ‘super ball’. :/

Chop, grate, mince & julienne vegetables of your choice, considering size, texture & variety.
Place all vegetables, cooked rice & vinegar in a bowl-
Toss & set aside. Cilantro & Nasturtiums are not in the mix.

Next, run the rice paper under warm tap water until it changes from hard to malleable & use right away.
One at a time, lay on a very thin (NOT fuzzy) kitchen cloth.
Lightly dab off excess water.  Lightly spray “Pam” olive oil on an olive serving dish. The indentation of the dish will assist you in forming the ‘cavity’ needed for the rolls. Lay the damp rice paper across the olive oil tray & push in the center to fill.

For flavor & a splash of color, lay a few nasturtium flower petals, &/or a cilantro leaf or two on the center of your rice paper. If you serve your rolls whole they will be seen first.

Next add about 3 T. of the ‘salad’ like mixture to the rice paper.
Pull up ends at the 6 o’clock & 12 o’clock position of your rice paper, then left to right. As you continue it will be more uniform to create sushi-looking rolls.
Aim for rolls that are about 1.5″ x 5″

Lightly sprinkle sesame seeds on top of each roll.
These wraps are translucent & make very attractive finger-food.



Savory Dipping Sauce


3/4 c. Peanut Butter (I like fresh ground, organic)
3/4 c. Ojai Jalapeño Jelly or Ojai Habanero Jelly


Mix the peanut butter with Ojai Pepper Jelly.
Serve sauce in individual ramekins &/or with a small serving spoon- guests like to add sauce as they eat their roll.

Serve on a plain platter, so you & your guests can enjoy the natural colors of the ingredients. Garnish serving dish with a few Cilantro leaves & Nasturtium Flowers.



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Year of the Dragon Salad

This recipe originally came from my Mother.  It was really good, but (as usual), I just had to play with it a bit.
I switched out the sugar for Ojai Jelly, tweaked it a bit & there you have it!
I find it’s a good crowd-pleaser & you can temper the ‘heat’ level to your group, if needed.

I prepare this ahead of time, cover well & refrigerate;
1 head of white cabbage, shredded thin
2-4 green onions, sliced very thin

I put the crunchies ‘bits’ in a bag & set aside until I’m ready to toss the salad
1 package of Organic “Koyo Ramen Noodles” (broken up well)
3 T. black sesame seeds
1 c. slivered almonds

You can prepare this dressing ahead of time & save in a jar-
In a small saucepan heat, but don’t boil-
1/2 c. “Soy Vay” sesame dressing
1/4 c. rice wine vinegar
1/4 c. apple cider vinegar
1/3 c. Ojai Jalapeño Jelly (or Ojai Habanero Jelly)
1 T. (yes one tablespoon) ground black pepper
1 t. celery seeds
1/4 t. ground cumin
1 clove garlic, chopped fine

Be sure to allow the dressing to cool before mixing into the salad,
& just before serving, add the crunchy bits.  Toss well.




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Spicy Mediterranean Apricot Boats

Here’s what you’ll need;

2 heads of Organic Endive-
1 handful “Mediterranean Apricots”, cut in thin, long strips
1/2 c. “Absolut Vodka
3 T. Ojai Habanero Jelly
4 sprigs of Organic Lemon Thyme
1 t. Green “Caper” Brine
1 Chèvre Log (I like “Cypress Grove” Chèvre Logs with herbs), room temperature
about 25 Green Capers
about 10 Walnuts (or Pecans), dry roasted, broken up

Carefully pull apart the endive leaves; wash, spin, & set aside to dry

In a small saucepan, over low heat, simmer;
Apricots strips, covered with Vodka, Ojai Habanero Jelly, lemon thyme & brine.
Stir occasionally to mix.
It will take about 10 minutes to cook off the liquid.
Once it thickens, set aside to cool.

With a frosting piping bag (or a strong plastic bag), pipe the chévre onto the center section of the endive.

For each endive ‘boat’, add:
1 strip of the Spicy Mediterranean Apricot
1 caper
1 small piece of walnut (or pecan) dry roasted

Place on a platter & watch them disappear-
(no serving utensils needed)
The apricots are the same beautiful color as the Ojai Habanero Jelly, so it seems like you’re eating a long strip of hot Habanero Pepper, but the union of flavors united are divine- not too hot, not too sweet!


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Humboldt Fog & Endive

Yesterday was my dear friends birthday; Kathleen Nolan of Ojai, CA.

Every chance I get I like to experiment with new recipes on my friends- so I wandered through Whole Foods & bought some amazingly creamy & delicious, aged Cypress Grove “Humboldt Fog” Goat Cheese,
& 2 heads of Organic Endive- as a starting point for my dish-

Once home, I carefully pulled apart the endive, one layer at a time,
gently cutting as little as possible off the base to free up more leaves; (wash, spin & sit aside)
I placed a handful of “Mariani Cranberries” (sweetened, dried), in a small saucepan with:
1/2 c. “Absolut Vodka
2-3 T. Ojai Habanero Jelly
dash of caper brine
4 sprigs of organic lemon thyme

I slowly simmered this mixture, I occasionally gave it a little jostle to mix.  Once the liquid is mostly cooked off (about 10 minutes), set aside & cool.

Use a butter knife to transfer about 1/2 t. of the “Humboldt Fog” Goat Cheese onto the base end of the
endive (at this point, the cheese was almost room temperature & a bit gooey).
I placed the filled endive on a large, black serving plate & added:
1 cooled Vodka-Habanero-Cranberry
1 caper
& 1 tiny piece of a candied pecan
I had some left over “Humboldt Fog” Goat Cheese & cranberries, so I put them in a little bowl in the middle of the platter with a small serving spoon, for guests to apply more Heat & Sweet IF they so desired (& they did!).


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Ripe Peach Balsamic Chopped Salad

My daughter & I love going to the “Paseo Nuevo mall in Santa Barbara-
Shopping for shoes & clothes- great!  Wandering State Street- fun!
But when there’s a specialty food store in the mix- even better!

Paseo Nuevo is home to “Viva Oliva” & we love their “Ripe Peach Balsamic” Vinegar.
Try this salad, it’s refreshing, delicious, healthy & easy to put together-

In a small frying pan over low flame, add;
1 “Dorot” cube of frozen garlic (or 1 large clove of garlic, chopped fine)
1/4 c. Ripe Peach Balsamic Vinegar (drizzle over the garlic)
add about 2 t. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 broccoli florets (washed, spun & chopped small)
7 asparagus spears (washed, spun & chopped small)
1/2 c. fresh fennel root (washed, spun & chopped small)

Heat through, allowing the garlic to defrost, then add the vinegar-
Cover with a lid for about 1 minute.

Remove lid, toss briefly, then put in a salad bowl
Don’t overcook, you want it al dente, not limp-
Let the greens cool a bit, but you want it just a tad warm-

Now ready 1 head of organic romaine lettuce (washed, spun & chopped small, but not pulverized small)
then add lettuce to the salad bowl, but don’t mix yet-

Pour on about 2 T. EVOO
2 T. black sesame seeds
& sprinkle 1 T. ‘Yuzu‘ (or 1/2 fresh lemon juice over the greens)
Toss and garnish with finely grated, fresh Parmesan cheese.
Place a couple of capers on top, and sesame seeds around the edges of your plate-

Darot Frozen Herbs can be found in the freezer section @ Trader Joe’s & Lassen’s Markets.
I especially LOVE the garlic because it makes my life so much simpler,
& I don’t have hands that smell of garlic all the time!  

This salad serves about 2


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Balsamic Chopped Salad

Balsamic Chopped Salad

My daughter & I love shopping at il Fustino in Santa Barbara-
We’re completely ‘hooked’ on their syrupy, flavorful 25 year-old Balsamic Vinegar

Try this salad I concocted this evening- it’s filling, healthy, and easy to throw together-

In a small frying pan over low flame, add;
1 “Dorot” cube of frozen garlic
1/4 c. balsamic vinegar (drizzle over the garlic)

3 broccoli florets (washed, spun & chopped small)
7 asparagus spears (washed, spun & chopped small)

Allow the garlic to defrost, and the vinegar heat-
Cover with a lid for about 1 minute.

Remove lid, toss briefly, then put in a salad bowl
Don’t overcook, you want it al dente, not limp
Let the greens cool a bit, but you want it just a tad warm-

Now ready 1 head of organic romaine lettuce (washed, spun & chopped small, but not pulverized small)
then add lettuce to the salad bowl, but don’t mix yet-

pour 2 T. black sesame seeds over the top of the greens
sprinkle 1 T. ‘Yuzu‘ or 1/2 fresh lemon juice over the greens
Toss and garnish with finely grated fresh Parmesan cheese,
a couple capers, and black sesame seeds around the edges-

Darot Frozen Herbs; I especially LOVE the garlic- it makes my life so much simpler,
& I don’t have hands that smell of garlic all the time!

This salad serves about 2
note: my daughter loved it so much she begged me to make more-



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Cranberry Sauce with a Zing

1 bag fresh Organic Cranberries, washed & drained
Fresh Organic Orange Juice or Ojai Pixie Tangerine Juice- enough to cover the cranberries in a pot
1 c. Sugar
1 Cinnamon Stick
4 whole cloves
Ojai Jalapeño Jelly

Put the cranberries in the pot, cover with juice, add sugar, cloves & cinnamon stick. Over medium heat, bring to a slow boil- listen for the cranberries to ‘pop’- lower the heat a little, then once you’ve heard lots of cranberries ‘pop’, remove from heat, let cool. Set aside the cooked cloves.

You can add a few tablespoons of Ojai Jalapeño Jelly for some zing~ it tastes wonderful as a garnish with Roasted Turkey.

This cranberry sauce is festive served in a small, hollowed-out pumpkin & garnished with the cinnamon stick.

DON’T forget to save the ‘left over’ liquid for future holiday martinis- it has such a great flavor! I toss the leftover cloves in the mix for added flavor.


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Corquenna’s Salad Dressing

My friend Corkey has recently informed me that she is ‘hooked’ on
Ojai Jalapeño Jelly

She came up with a new way to use it that even I had not tried until tonight.
She’s been going on & on about it, so I had to give it a try.
My daughter turned her nose up at it but LOVED it once she tried a bite- then she ate almost the whole bowl of salad.
I usually use 1 head of Romaine Lettuce for every 2 people & I usually make my dressing but not when I’m exhausted, like tonight.

Corqueena’s Salad Dressing-

About 1/4 c. of salad dressing- “Soy Vay” Toasted Sesame Dressing (from Trader Joes)
Add about 1 T. Ojai Jalapeño Jelly
Squeeze of fresh lemon
Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Don’t over dress the salad, toss & serve.