My Story

Suze McClellan
Santa Barbara+Ojai+Baja CA

Suze, owner of Ojai Jelly, sitting on a chair smiling

California born & raised. Love to garden, cook, & bake. I enjoy pairing unique flavors & foods & experimenting with peppers.

I’ve made savory & sweet pepper jellies & jams for decades & after some life changing events I needed a job. Friends & family suggested the obvious & shortly thereafter I started my business.

During my recovery I was bored to tears… I watched lots of cooking shows.
One morning GOOD MORNING AMERICA announced they were searching for
“THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE NATION”, so I entered my favorite
Smoked Turkey Sandwich” & it was FEATURED with my jalapeño jelly!

Add Ojai Jelly to your turkey sandwich, or PB&J & see what you think!

Close to my heart and an interest of mine is to help bring awareness to Women’s Health Issues. My personal health history led me to the AHA & their amazing group of professionals. It’s a very long story- too long to tell.  If you’re curious check out the links at the bottom of this page. The information could save your life.

I want to spread Ojai Jelly + Jam to infinity & beyond!

You can purchase Ojai Jelly in your state (USA) because Ojai Jelly + Jam makes nearly everything taste better!

Find serving suggestions here.

You simply must try it!



Suggest a specialty food shop in your area! Drop me a line at and tell me where you’d like to find Ojai Jelly. IF I get the account, I’ll send you a jar! Don’t forget to send me your contact information!

We are all born with a hole in our heart. It’s called a “Patent Foramen Ovale”.
It’s the avenue we practice breathing when we’re in the womb. With our first breath of air it’s meant to close, but as many as 1 in 2 adults have a hole in their heart that never closed.
Medical research shows that at least 1 in 5 adults have a “Patent Foramen Ovale”-
Check out the links below if you want to learn more- it could save your life-
The same surgery that fixed my heart also rid me of migraines!
I’d had migraines for 35 years :/

PFO closure
About PFO
Are Migraines Linked to a Heart Defect?
PFO Closure Animation
American Heart & Stroke Association