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E. Waldo Ward & Son

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a well-established & family owned cannery in Sierra Madre, California;

E. Waldo Ward & Son, Inc.

I was invited to oversee a trial ‘batch’ of Ojai Jalapeño Jelly being made-  It was impressive to see my beautiful Pepper Jelly cooked up in such a big, shiny pot!  Stirred with an oar, no less!  The familiar & tantalizing aroma that I know so well, filled the air & I had no doubt I was in the right station…

The batch simmered-on a while, then was transferred to the ‘filler’.  The high-noon train of jars were lined up & on-course to be filled, two at a time.  They soldiered on, eastbound, where they made the acquaintance of their coal-black lids.  Off to the hot water ‘bath’ they went, then the cold.

All the while, Richard Ward & his son Jeff, made me feel at home.  I wandered about like a drifter, taking scads of photos, as my Ojai Jalapeño Jelly made it’s mark on their historic track.
I had a great day- I’m happy to announce: I’ve found a perfect ‘fit’ for my Pepper Products to be made!


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