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Help I need a doctor…

Union Hotel, Los Alamos, CA.

Dr. Pepper that is! So being the road-warrior that I am, I think nothing of endless hours of unfading music and talk shows on SiriusXMRadio, as I eat up the road anticipating another fun-filled adventure, skylight slightly open, heater on low, & multiple hours of entertainment, singing at the top of my lungs, & the occasional slice of ‘air’ drums.

On my way back from my last adventure I got fatigued near Los Alamos, so I exited & stumbled upon an old haunt, The Union Hotel & Saloon– where I met the new owner, Dan Thompson.  I sipped my Dr. Pepper & he racked up the billiards.  We lagged for the break, he broke & swiftly sunk just the 8-ball.  It was awesome (wished it were me…).  He racked em up again & won, I had a ball left on the table.  I gave it my best shot.
The Union Hotel is a piece of history, not to be missed.  Dan has poured his heart & soul into restoring this treasure, it’s like walking into the 1800’s, like out of an old western.  Check out the link to this historic ‘must see’ & swing by if you’re in the area & need to see the doc-

Los Alamos Days 2011- Dan suggested I sell my Ojai Jalapeño Jelly & Ojai Habanero Jelly at this fun event.

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