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Guinness Extra Stout Onion-Potato Soup

On Saint Patrick’s Day I pulled out a pint o’ Guinness Extra Stout & knew I had to create something with it- it was still too early to start drinking…

I just needed an excuse to open it- Here’s what I made & it was delicious, & perfect for this cold rainstorm we’re having

On the stove-top, in a Dutch oven:
3 T. of olive oil (I use il Fustino’s extra virgin Arbequina olive oil)
I large brown onion- cut into rings- cook until tender & brown

As the onions get their color, add about 1/3 cup *Mediterranean Dukkah
2 T. Colman’s Mustard (dry)
Salt & Pepper
5 small Purple Heirloom potatoes -cut into bite size pieces
2 or 3 medium size Yukon Golds- cut into bite size pieces
Add about 4 cups vegetable broth
Almost a pint of Guinness Extra Stout (be sure to sample the Guinness before, after, & during use, to improve your overall mood in the kitchen)

Let this mixture cook slowly in the Dutch oven for most of the day. Occasionally stir & taste to check flavor.
Just before serving I add about 1 cup of milk & stir.  Dish it up into serving bowls & garnish with a paper-thin slice of Blarney Castle Cheese, a dollop of sour-cream, & a sprinkle of finely minced purple onion.

Best served with a hardy homemade bread-


*Mediterranean Dukkah is made by Santa Barbara Seasonings & available @ il Fustino-