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Suze’s Camping Meyer Lemon Drop Martini

I went camping in the Santa Ynez Valley with my brother & the Santa Barbara Trail Riders-
On that outing I had my first lemon drop made in a pickle jar, & what a tasty cocktail it was!

You’ll need;
a large jar with a lid- like a pickle jar that cannot smell of pickles!

  • Juice of 12 lemons-(my favorites are Meyers)
  • 2/3 c. sugar
  • 12 fresh mint leaves, washed (you can use fresh basil, or lavender instead)
  • 10 shots vodka-
  • Ice cubes
  • Sugar-rimmed martini glasses

Wash the lemons, then roll them a few times on a cutting board or counter top, to activate the oils in the skin- Squeeze the lemon juice into the large jar & then toss in the remains of the lemon, skin & all.
Add sugar, mint, vodka, and lots of ice and shake it until you see the sugar has dissolved.
Be sure to test the cocktail to adjust the ingredients to your liking-
Pour into sugar-rimmed martini glasses, sugar rimmed blue-enamel camping mugs, or whatever you have available
Garnish each with a fresh sprig of mint-

It’s hard to keep enough made- It’s refreshing like lemonade, but WAY more fun to start the
evening with…