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Peter Gabriel Concert

This amazing, prolific, time-defying musical genius again managed to weave his humanitarian cause in and around his captive audience like a blanket of hope.  Gabriels far-reaching depth of conscientiousness, promoting good will and fair treatment for ALL people, was ever-evident through his personally endorsed booth set up on-site by Amnesty International.  The New Blood Orchestra; phenomenal.  The conductor, Ben Foster, nothing short of mesmerizing, with his robotic gestures of continual dexterous motion.

I hadn’t been to the Santa Barbara County Bowl for a few years, in which time it had been artfully renovated.
It was filled to the brim with Gabriels pulsing audience, every song further lured this captive crowd with his towering, futuristic graphics & photos, inspired by his world views and infinite humanitarian interests-

It was wonderful to see Gabriel skipping across the stage to Solsbury Hill

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  • THANK YOU! What a truly magical evening!