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Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

Dessert is always the easiest part of the meal to sort out for me-
Red Velvet Cake with Beet-Red Frosting &/OR
Coeur de la Créme with fresh organic raspberry Sauce.

Salad: Organic Arugula & Butter-Leaf Salad with thin sliced gold & red beets, candied Organic Ojai Walnuts,
adorned with Shaved Parmesan Cheese & fresh cracked pepper.

Soup: Red Baked Potato Soup with fresh purple onion & Sharp Cheddar Cheese on top. &/OR
Ojai Valley Inn Resort Tortilla Soup garnished with Red tortilla chips & avocado.

Main: Chicken Picatta with Capers, White Wine & Myers Lemon Sauce

If you need help with the particulars, blog me!

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