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Cowboy Relish & Lemon Zest BBQ’d Chicken

1 c. Cowboy Relish (recipe above)
Lemon Zest of 1 large lemon
3/4 c. Rice Wine Vinegar
5 T. Ojai Jalapeño Jelly (or Ojai Habanero Jelly)
2 full Chicken Breasts (4 single breasts)

Place all ingredients in a bowl or plastic bag & let marinate overnight, or as little as 30 minutes.
Seal the container to maintain flavors.
I threw this together very quickly last night at an impromptu BBQ-  It was amazing after only 20 minutes of marinating.  That said, if you have time, put it all together and marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Drain off Peppers & liquid, setting aside for basting later.
BBQ chicken on a medium-high flame, sealing in the flavor & maintaining tender breasts-

I move the chicken around on the grill a bit as I BBQ, making best use of the heat while not over cooking the meal.  I paint the breasts with the marinate often and toward the end of the cooking process, I add the larger bits of Cowboy Relish, so they drizzle their flavor into the chicken, and also for their beautiful color.


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