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Ripe Peach Balsamic Chopped Salad

My daughter & I love going to the “Paseo Nuevo mall in Santa Barbara-
Shopping for shoes & clothes- great!  Wandering State Street- fun!
But when there’s a specialty food store in the mix- even better!

Paseo Nuevo is home to “Viva Oliva” & we love their “Ripe Peach Balsamic” Vinegar.
Try this salad, it’s refreshing, delicious, healthy & easy to put together-

In a small frying pan over low flame, add;
1 “Dorot” cube of frozen garlic (or 1 large clove of garlic, chopped fine)
1/4 c. Ripe Peach Balsamic Vinegar (drizzle over the garlic)
add about 2 t. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 broccoli florets (washed, spun & chopped small)
7 asparagus spears (washed, spun & chopped small)
1/2 c. fresh fennel root (washed, spun & chopped small)

Heat through, allowing the garlic to defrost, then add the vinegar-
Cover with a lid for about 1 minute.

Remove lid, toss briefly, then put in a salad bowl
Don’t overcook, you want it al dente, not limp-
Let the greens cool a bit, but you want it just a tad warm-

Now ready 1 head of organic romaine lettuce (washed, spun & chopped small, but not pulverized small)
then add lettuce to the salad bowl, but don’t mix yet-

Pour on about 2 T. EVOO
2 T. black sesame seeds
& sprinkle 1 T. ‘Yuzu‘ (or 1/2 fresh lemon juice over the greens)
Toss and garnish with finely grated, fresh Parmesan cheese.
Place a couple of capers on top, and sesame seeds around the edges of your plate-

Darot Frozen Herbs can be found in the freezer section @ Trader Joe’s & Lassen’s Markets.
I especially LOVE the garlic because it makes my life so much simpler,
& I don’t have hands that smell of garlic all the time!  

This salad serves about 2


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