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Conquering Hummus

I ♥  hummus!  It tastes amazing & it’s so full of protein!
Today I decided to try making it myself-
I looked in my cookbooks & every recipe for hummus I found suggests using CANNED garbonzo beans-

So, knowing I had to work on my computer most of the day, I soaked the chickpeas (about 5 cups)
for about 3 hours.
I rinsed them, then covered again with water, plus about 2 extra inches.
I had extra green onions, so I added about ten & I picked a large handful of rosemary & added it to the mix
+ a generous amount of sea salt.

My Dutch Oven (on the stove top) cooked the mix for a few hours on a low/medium heat.
The house smelled great-

Once tender I rinsed them lightly & I removed the large leftovers of green onions & rosemary.
Some bits remained & made the final hummus very tasty-

I need to remember to purchase a large Cuisinart…
In the meantime, I added to my mini Cuisinart;

Jalapeño Hummus
2 c. Cooked Chickpeas strewn with bits of rosemary, etc.
Juice of one Lemon
2 T. Sesame Tahini
3 T. Jalapeño Olive Oil (if you don’t like heat, use Basil Olive Oil or plain Olive Oil)
2 Garlic cloves, minced (I prefer to use Darot– defrost before adding)
1/2 t. ground coriander
1/2 t. ground cumin
pinch of ground turmeric
fresh ground salt + pepper to taste

Pulse in Cuisinart until smooth & mixed.
I served this with spears of toasted Curried Indian Naan & it was amazing!
It would be delicious served with a fresh medley of carrots, jicama, & bell pepper-

So, I asked my daughter to sample the hummus- she said “Mom, you know I don’t like hummus
But, being the good sport that she is (or did she just have mini pangs of guilt thinking back on all the times she’d locked me out of the house, while I gardened, so she could cook everything she could reach?)  She expected me to try “it” every time, & I did- She did too & she loved it!

I made it this way too;

Sweet Pepper Hummus
2 c. cooked chickpeas with the bits
Juice of one Lemon
1 roasted sweet bell pepper
(rubbed with olive oil- roast in oven on cookie sheet- put in plastic bag to cool, then removed peel & dice)
3 T. basil olive oil
2 T. sesame tahini
2 cloves garlic (Darot)
1/2 t. ground coriander
1/2 t. smoked paprika
fresh ground salt + pepper to taste
Delicious served with a fresh medley of carrots, jicama, & bell pepper


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