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Albondigas Soup History



Grandma Books Playful Side (in the middle)

This photo was taken with the Ventura Pier in the background, on this happy afternoon…
Kathleen’s Grandmother Books is in the middle of this playful trio-
It was she that had a telltale hand in forming Kathleen’s cooking skills, the legend behind the
infamous Albondigas Soup!

Grandma Books side of the family originated in Spain.
The family maintains records that date back to the late 1700’s-
A number of Kathleen’s family members were married and baptized in the beautiful,
historic Santa Barbara Mission.
One family member wed at the historic Presidio in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.

Thank you Kathleen Nolan of Ojai California for your enthusiasm & CONGRATULATIONS!
You won the first annual Green Day Recipe Contest-

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