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Rosemary Butter

This is a kitchen staple for me-
I grow a lot of rosemary, so it’s easy to have a reserve of rosemary butter around to
help boost the flavor of most every dinner.

Paint it on your garlic bread, baste your turkey as it roasts, make gravy with it-
Everything tastes better with herb butter added-
I know a lot of people need to be mindful of their salt in-take, so try this but know you don’t need a lot to appreciate the great flavor.  It’s just not the same if you use sweet butter.
The herb infusion with the butter is far superior with salted butter.

I cube of salted butter

Melt it either in a small pot or a small frying pan-
Add the fresh rosemary & cook over low heat- the kitchen smells great as it cooks.

Once it turns a golden brown, drain off the butter & stash it for cooking- I keep it in the refrigerator.

I throw out the leftover rosemary.