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Thanksgiving Treat in a hurry~

Not sure of what to make but want it to compliment your holiday meal in a hurry?
Try this delicious cranberry sauce that takes about 5 minutes to prepare;

Jalapeño Cranberry Sauce

One 9 ounce ‘hooked ‘ size jar of Ojai Organic Jalapeño Jelly
1 bag fresh cranberries, washed & drained
Approximately 2 cups fresh orange or tangerine juice
1 or 2 cinnamon sticks

Place the cranberries, fresh juice & cinnamon sticks in pan over medium heat.

Stirring, heat only until the cranberries ‘pop‘, then set aside to cool slightly, drain off juice.
Set aside cinnamon sticks for the serving dish.

Add the cranberry mixture to a pretty serving bowl, add the Ojai Organic Jalapeño Jelly.
Stir, add back cinnamon sticks & serve~


1 thought on “Thanksgiving Treat in a hurry~

  1. I love fresh cranberry sauce & I’ve tried this Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce. It’s an eye-opener- with a very slight ‘wasabi’ flashback moment- It is quite delicious & compliments the Thanksgiving feast in it’s entirity. It’s fast & easy to make, so I suggest you don’t ever plop the cranberry straight out of the can revealing it’s can ridges again!

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