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Green Day Recipe Contest Winner Announced

The first annual Green Day Recipe Contest winner is: Kathleen Nolan of Ojai, California!
Kathleen has an innate talent to work with any medium & turn it into a masterpiece-
Many that know her think of her fondly as the ‘Martha Stewart’ of Ojai!
Ms. Nolan didn’t submit a recipe, she submitted a MEAL, with photos fit for a museum, as well as a cookbook!
In the previous post you’ll see an old photo of her Spanish Grandmother & can read up on some telltale bits of her family history.  Kathleen always goes the distance & puts her heart & soul into whatever project she’s tackling.

Here’s what she submitted:









Contest Results:
1. Albondigas Soup with Ojai Habanero Jelly
2. Feisty Ojai Habanero Corn Muffins
3. Ojai Habanero Sweet Potato Bakes

Click on the links above to see the winning recipes!

HONORABLE MENTIONS are listed here:

Randy Graham; Ojai Pepper Jelly & Brie Cheese Appetizers

Virginia Thorson: Spicy Birds Nests Cookies

Marcie Duncan; 1. Spamble  2. Jalapeno Tiramisu Shells

Corkey Solow; Lucky Leprechaun Jalapeño Munchies

Sylvia Martini; Locos Avocados

Chuck Barnett; Channel Islands Fresh Lobster with dill butter & Ojai Habanero Jelly

Robin Graham; Shrimp Spring Rolls with Ojai Jalapeño Jelly & sprouts

THANK YOU EVERYONE that participated- Everything was delicious & it was so much fun to make & taste!


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