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Burnt Sage Butter


Place about 1/2 c. butter (salted) into a medium frying pan, over medium heat.
Cook until butter is fully melted & almost golden brown in color-
Into the browning butter, add 10-15 culinary sage leaves (organic, whole sage leaves).
Swirling the mixture often, cook butter and sage leaves for about 4-5 minutes more, until the butter turns an almost deep nut brown color, sage leaves will be quite crisp and irresistible-

Inspired by Dario, Chef Extraordinaire
Ca’Dario Restaurant
37 East Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, California

It was by the hand of Dario that I was first graced with
“burnt sage butter”- now I’m hooked!

Ca’Dario’s is my favorite Italian Restaurant, if not my favorite restaurant overall-
Dario is as sweet as he can be & he’s a hell of a chef-

When you dine at Ca’Dario, be sure to order; RAVIOLI AL BURRO E SALVIA It’s heaven!