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Bobs Well Bread at the Ballard Store

Additional location for Bobs Well Bread in Ballard, CA!!
Opens Thursday, October 1, 2020
The “Ballard Store” and “Ballard Store Restaurant” were at this location
many years ago-
If you’re heading up to sip wine on the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Trail be sure to follow the delicious aroma wafting from Bobs Well Bread at his new location-
If you haven’t tried his breads, pastries, meals… you haven’t lived! 
Ballard was founded in 1880. 
Ballard is the smallest and oldest community in the Santa Ynez Valley

PS You’ll also find Ojai Jelly here!

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  1. Thanks for triggering a great memory in my life! My late wife and I honeymooned in Santa Barbara in September, 1981. We had an amazing dinner in a sublime setting at the Ballard Store. Are the owners of the restaurant still around? I know the restaurant closed many years ago. I had Abalone as my main course. It was exquisite though I didn’t know what it was as the time.

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